August 10th: Global Politics & Energy on a Warming Plant at Bickersons Brewhouse

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Join us for a Live Event!
Cascadia Climate Action presents Climate Science on Tap

Bickersons Brewhouse 1514 NW Leary Way
in Ballard
Wednesday   August 10th  7 PM

Nick Touran, Ph.D, Nuclear Physicist at TerraPower and Scott Montgomery, M.S., Jackson School of International Studies at University of Washington.

Admission Free or Donation (to Cascadia Climate Action), Stranger Tickets

All Ages

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Join a conversation around current developments in the Energy Transition and its geopolitical realities with a nuclear engineer and an expert on energy policy.

The geopolitics of energy plays a key and dynamic role in modern life, affecting many aspects of international decision-making. This truth has been more than highlighted by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Issues surrounding energy are critical to security relationships and are central to all considerations of climate change and its impacts.