Friends of Fission Northwest aims to educate Seattle and the Pacific Northwest about Nuclear Power and its role alongside other green energy sources to provide a better solution for the world’s growing energy needs. We started in 2016 as Seattle Friends of Fission and recently changed our name when we became a nonprofit.

Nuclear Energy provides carbon free, reliable, safe energy. Friends of Fission Northwest is a grassroots organization that works to educate, dispel myths, misinformation and science denialism on nuclear energy. Friends of Fission Northwest promotes talks with experts, encourages dialogue, and regularly meets to accomplish these goals. Hang out with us and let’s talk about it. 

Who we are:

  • Brian & Paula King
  • Nick Touran, Ph.D.
  • Karl Pauls
  • Leila El-Wakil, M.D.(retired)

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A REGISTERED 501(C) 3 NONPROFIT  Under the umbrella of Generation Atomic

EIN – 814500446

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