Climate Anxiety? Nuclear Energy: Its Role in Combating Climate Change


Date: Sunday, April 14, 2024 Time: 1pm

Location: Prospect Congregational United Church of Christ , 1919 East Prospect St. , Sea, 98112

Washington needs to produce more energy. Our electric grid is under stress due to decreasing snowpack, increasing irrigation needs, more energy needed for transportation, AI, air conditioning/heating, etc.

In addition to our mix of solar, wind and hydro, how can nuclear energy be the clean solution to meet increasing demand? Come learn about nuclear power, how it works, the pros and cons, what to do about the waste, why it’s a vital piece to address climate change.

SPEAKER BIO: Nick Touran, PhD, PE, is a nuclear engineer who joined the field to help fight climate change. He has expertise in advanced nuclear reactor design, reactor development, and the history of nuclear power. After studying at the University of Michigan, he spent over a decade at TerraPower, LLC in Seattle working on core design, business support, software development, and configuration management.
Nick has been active in public education, and is the founder of He speaks at many schools and events, coordinated the digitization of numerous archival films, and was featured on both NPR’s Science Friday and the National Academy of Science’s Distinctive Voices series.
Outside of nuclear he enjoys paddle boarding in Lake Union, walking his dog (Waffles), hiking in the Cascades, and tweeting about nuclear energy.

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